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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ bandcamp conen stitchmouth unrated
Created 2011-07-12
Last Modified 2011-07-12
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I make Chipmusic on my gameboy with LSDJ, check out my first two EPs here: []

ROTHAKERSEP is the 1st
Both different styles.

Check em.

Please feedback on the music and the map here. Also, rates for the map are greatly appreciated.
The name of the map is called "Stitchmouth" btw.

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no worries

i'm having trouble with the pathing on this map. i introduced a maze-type structure to the top. perhaps you can expand the maze downward?


This might be the first shirtless picture in NUMA map description history.
Hell yea! Just send some my way on the forums.


*downloads both albums*

ah no that's not me :3
and nooo, i've just been procrastinating making this ambient-y stuff and some fakebit, i really need to get sorted with lsdj, hah, i have some nice works in progress on there.

Side note

The attached album art has been modified in photoshop in terms of coloration and shading... I am not actually that pale and pasty in real life...