St. Anselm's

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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 collab godless highscore rated
Created 2011-08-25
Last Modified 2011-09-24
by 10 people.
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Description A collab with Godless. Enjoy!

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a map i made that i made a lot of re-objects for [] scince your like the only active member i know, i thought you might want to do somthing (colab), even tho its not that much of a colab. anyway, thats the map and all i ask of you if you do make somthing out of it, is that you in NO way edit the tileset, the object placement is just what i use as default, i have already made about 16-18 maps with this tileset & object placement, most of the maps i have made dont utilize the area in the bottom right that makes a half circle area.

i have made a
- mines path
- mine blockade (its cool)
- greedy drone
- rockets
- snipers
- thwumps
- rotating lasers
- chase zap drones
- chaingun
- DDA (first DDA ever, but it sucks)
- no jumping
- zero gravity
- (a really bad map called failed experiment X, the name doesnt help)
- ghost drone (i love this one, i put about 50+ ghost drones and its awesome)
- Door eerie (it sucks)

so unless you have a great idea for one of those, dont bother because i already made a variant of it.

thank you come again

Hey man

I owe you a huge apology, what with our collab. I had some problems at home and at school, and then ended up moving. I just took a break from n maps for a while

Faster agd

Agreed with Life, those 2 pairs of gold were annoying at times. I had several agd-1 runs that were faster than his, but missed one of that final pair.
Demo Data
this map is really solid. very nice :D


Very cool map. The two golds on each side were bad, but pretty fun to highscore.
Demo Data

ok -.-

but, that wasn't the question

or even part of the question


imgur isn't only a Chrome addon. o_O

AGD solid map
Demo Data


even tho i cant play maps, i would still like to see what it looks like, could you or anyone post an image of it or the thumbnail

google chromes imgur [] is good for that