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Author ChrisE
Tags action author:chrise rated
Created 2011-10-03
Last Modified 2011-10-03
by 9 people.
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However, here's going the lower route:
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whos correct

<insert question about personal life here>

This map is fun. Here's a speedrun:
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whos correct

"is ChrisE a girl?" - Paradox-Dragon
"We assume ChrisE to be a bi-boy" - Ferox


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non-FBF as well.

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Oh my gawd. That corner jump was non-fbf.
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your last mapping style is really good, delicate, trickle of gold and interesting jumps, open spaces, and stylish gameplay, good ones for highscoring! Keep it up with this style!
I give it a 5.

Then give it a 4 and be done with it.

What Life said

Add a bit more gold and I'll give it a 5.

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Slow AGD.
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