i don't want to complete this

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Author Nudel_
Tags author:nudel_ incomplete race unrated
Created 2011-10-16
Last Modified 2011-10-16
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Description i am to bored. someone can complete this and gimme a ded.

suck my finger.

how i said, i'll stop mapping partly

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Simple Challenge from Seyerpeng. Twisted squares Time stood still. Isn't this the best race you've ever played? Do this as fast as you can. My cat peed on my bed.


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no worries

when you're ready, if you don't mind starting, inbox me something on the forums.
I've got the same name on there as I do here

glad to know you like my races :D
would you be up for a collab sometime? I always find your races to start off great, but sometimes there's boring parts in there, but overall are pretty good.
so if we collab, it could be pretty awesome :D

at least credit lol haha

you are not serious are you? ._____. you can't be. hahaha

-.- :O !! []