Back By The Any You.

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Author kyozo_43
Tags 1 author:kyozo_43 mapdraft mapdraft1 round round1 unrated
Created 2012-03-11
Last Modified 2012-04-11
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Mapdraft Round 1 - 3rd Place

Back to nowhere. by Erik_Player
20 '1' tiles
30 'E' tiles

Mineland by gloomp
5 bounceblocks
2 normal drones
25 or more mines

Murder On The Dancefloor
1 Floorguard
43 Gold
27 'Five' Tiles

If you have any questions about your packs, post them in the topic you signed up in.

Thanks for participating!

I'm Rich, Bitch
You must make at least one dollar sign out of gold somewhere in your map. You can use
up to 15 Extra Gold in your map this round.

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I'm good. Getting better at N haha.
I've just recently gone back to school, so I've got less free time as well (not as little as you though)
I'll see you round NUMA still though.

My school is finished last summer and i've started to work as a newbie PHP coder. I can't visit Numa as much as old days because i don't have enough free time.

How are you?

Thanks Sayko!

Hey, long time no see. What've you been up to?

Slow AGD

Map looks really cool for a mapdraft. Ending is fun.

Demo Data


Faster by like 100f
Demo Data

Meh, I was bored.

I just quickly whipped it up.


All Gold Demo.

Second attempt.
Yeah yeah, the map's crap.
Demo Data