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Author lukezuniga539
Tags agd author:lukezuniga539 lukezuniga539 mines unrated
Created 2012-04-05
Last Modified 2012-04-05
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Description This map is meant for an AGD.
Placing un-snapped gold is a bad idea. :c

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DDAs, depending on the type, could take a while to make. The time could be spent trying out which type of propulsion is best for a specific type and trying to make a close call as close as possible.
No I haven't seen 6 feet under or on route 666.

Also, about DDAs

have you seen 6 feet under, on route 666, any of those?

First try DD

Some suggestions:
1. Better mechanics. Most of these here were basically just a basic "jump or don't move" scenario. Make them a bit harder.
2. Better placement of gold. More gold is just annoying (ugh hippocritical []) unless it's in hard places or it's to lead the path for the ninja. Your gold is in slightly awkward places, like you're trying to make it hard, but you're not sure when to stop.
3. Tileset blues. You really should place your gold and everything so all the thwumps and everything adhere to the tileset stuffs. Right now, all of the gold is all over the place, c-snapped and everything. I usually just use c-snap for either gold patterns or to put stuff close to the ground.
4. Consistent gold patterns. Please make your patterns consistent, or at least have only two or three, for example, one to be in the sky, and one to be close to a wall/ground/ceiling. Also, place your gold in a consistent area next to a wall, whether it be one c-snap, 1/2 a tile, or a full tile away.
Finally, DON'T WHATEVER YOU DO PUT GOLD ON TOP OF KEYS. It ruins the point of gold and it looks extreeeeemely ugly.
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