Alien Clone Scene 2 - Explanation

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Author Eagles_Arrows
Tags author:eagles_arrows playable race rated
Created 2005-12-17
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description N: W-where am I?
DOC: Perhaps I can explain.
N: Wha? Who are you, and why am I here?!
DOC: I have pulled you out of your era and into mine.
N: What? Does that mean I’m in—
DOC: Yes, N. You are in the future. My name is Doc Brown and I am an alienologist.
N: Alienologist?
DOC: Yes, I study monsters and other organisms from various eras before and after mine. I keep my subjects locked in experimental chambers. However, they have managed to escape and now they are eating my colleagues. Right now, we are locked in. I have chosen you, N, to unlock all visible doors in this facility so that everyone can get out as quickly as possible.
N: But what about the monsters?
DOC: That is why us remaining scientists have to stay here in this room. You must make your way down this facility and open the final exit. You will report your status with this walkie-talkie. *hands N a walkie-talkie* Good Luck…

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sweet map

nice flow to it.
and i love the thwump running part




that didnt come out right...



You Smartass.


lovin it! 4.5


if all those locked doors block the passage, how do the scientists get out??

fun, but too short

i like socks
Demo Data


like it, 4/5, nice
i like the flow, and its just a fun race

playded it twice.

i mean, i got it the first time, but i liked it so i played again. Fave part was top middle, I love wierd turns and door races. 4/5


its just too short 3.5/5