45-3: Flooding

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-04-15
Last Modified 2012-04-15
by 10 people.
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Description 45-3 map 229
It's not a Race. Reminds me of a great antique TBL map.

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I agree.

I loved that map, I'll relist it later.

do I

deserve a map? ;p

this is soo

cool 5aved

The gold is kind of

With what I'm going to say is not to seek controversy, but I think you have not really played or checked (thoroughly or a large percentage) my maps to say that. I think the vast majority are very careful aesthetic perhaps is different or maybe not everyone must like of course, but carefully. As for the gameplay, that I think are acceptable, some better some worse, for that are the taste, but I spend hours playtesting them. I think you just have to play and re-playing to appreciate and understand how, why and what is intended. I think there's some pretty solid, and being the majority. For example, this, Who said it was a flowy-map or a race?, Just a map with many possibilities, in which the tiles sometimes offer useful flow movements and others do not, simply you have to collect the gold as fast you can. But of course, you may not like, is simply a map.
I will not judge or compare your maps or style here, but I will take a turn for them all and see what's interesting.

With my heart, thank you very much for your support, I want to improve myself every day.
i like the simplicity and lack of items here, problem is, the gold doesn't fit at all. Tone it back on the gold and this would be a beaut.

What a debate!

Thanks, more opinions please??
I think the main reason is that I haven't seen a lot of your new maps. Taking a stroll through them, I see that a lot are some better than your early maps that I remember when I hear "zoasBE". Also, the reason why I don't like your early maps and still don't (for at least some of them) is for one or both of a couple reasons.
First, your aesthetics are lacking. For some, that's fine, but others just look downright ugly. It's just something you don't do (as in don't try to make that pretty) or do fully, not just lay down a half-hearted tileset. For example, I don't really focus on the tileset, but on the gameplay. A lot of the time I try to make the tiles around the gameplay, and then make it decently pretty. Then again, if you want your maps to have good looks, it just requires practice.
Second, your maps aren't fleshed out very well. This is true for at least fifty percent of your maps. I think this could be remedied with more playtesting. Ultimately, you've gotten better, but there is still some work that doesn't put you to quite the level of other mappers.

All of this imo. :P

I'm with da_guru.

Not the best from you zoas.


This had practically no gameplay and merely collecting gold wasn't that fun. Sorry, but that's not worth a 5.

interesting at best

the aesthetics aren't that good, and it's not too flowy. 3.5v

very nice map

the gold is so fun to collect. 4.5^/5

celui-là est très agréable. 5/5

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