Let's go home

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset rated
Created 2012-04-19
Last Modified 2012-04-19
by 9 people.
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Description To where the heart is

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Just plain rad. :D


was solid. bit disappointing. main rocket section was less fun than it looked, and the drone timing was off, it always cut you off at the top (tell me if i'm missing something with that). But it was still cool, and visually i really liked it. Also minor complaint, that zig zaggy bit at the start was cool visually, and alright for the first couple of times, but not being able to move fluidly every time was annoying. Pretty cool map though.
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i've been playing through your maps just now, to get to this one. haha. Hopefully it's good, it looks it.

you there

start making some map. let's start this collab!
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i will only run numacon again if the dronies get enough attention

cuteness overload


solid map :3


I loved that top-right corner with the rocket, the central room was great fun, too. 5aved.

Four mountain dews?

I can hardly stomach two without getting a bit whoozy... Haha.
but maybe that's why I'm going to make a complaint, because everything else is so good...uh...anyway, the gold is a tad ugly. That's it. Honestly, that's not important at all. Nice diverse gameplay. Rockets are fine. I'm going to drink four Mountain Dews then play this again and see how I like the rocket room. The end.

nice map

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it's hectic

but that hecticness is what makes the map superb fun. I enjoyed the 4 rockets. The top drone part was boring tho. 4.5^


I like 4, keep the four on the map.
Something like this from Sunset is cool..
Someone tell me if I should just cut two of them off.