Kerosene Dreams

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Author miststalker06
Tags above2meters author:miststalker06 collab collaboration enjoy rated
Created 2012-04-26
Last Modified 2012-04-26
by 5 people.
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Description Enjoy this next map, which is a collaboration between above2meters and me. We hope you like it!!

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very annoying map.

didn't enjoy.
Demo Data

i agree with karma

and add that the gauss would've been better placed at the top of that room imo.

what collab!

miststalker plus above!
I like so much the very first beggining, and the golds and how to take them. On the other hand is a complicated map, normal coming from these authors. Always good to have maps difficult to spend long periods of time. good job guys!

got very annoying
although that beginning is good and cool, it only works well in n-editor, in nreality i constantly have to get a 1-frame jump... also the drones weren't well placed and just made this very frustrating :(