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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 playable unrated
Created 2012-05-09
Last Modified 2012-05-09
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Description Playtested by LouDog004. Enjoy!

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See if you can spot the difference... I didn't think it would save that much time to be honest. :)
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Was gonna just tell you to go look at the map, but you weren't on IRC :(
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But the gameplay is iffy in spots. I like the rocket/thwump sections, but the floorguards were unnecessary and the drone section felt a little tacked-on. 3.5/5

If I'm honest

I don't really like those tiles very much, and I couldn't really think of anything to do with them. Then I just started working on something else, and one thing led to another...
Anyway, I made a completely new map which I think you could improve:
Alternatively I wouldn't mind going to back to your idea if you've got some ideas for it that you want to develop.
for "For The Better" editions for a better gameplay in the right room.


You'll have to bear in mind that I'm in exam season at the moment so progress will likely be very slow, but I'm up for one! You should probably start, though.


my eye.


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Wow so much fun.
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