Not Everything in the World Needs to Flow Bro

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Author kyozo_43
Tags author:kyozo_43 ded flow island nreality objectmod unrated
Created 2012-05-11
Last Modified 2012-05-11
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Description This is a Dedication Map to whoever put the tagline "not everything in the world needs to flow bro" on my profile. This is also a celebration map to my completion of NReality. I finished yesterday. Finally.

Resubmitted due to minor tweaking to the zap drone and the trapdoors. (to make it easier, as it was way too hard before) - Here is the Original [] if you really want it.

You are blue, water is blue, water flows, therefore you flow.

Blue is on a journey up onto a mystery floating island, presumably something from The Realm - a solid object that should not be in your flowing world.

In your way you experience many obstacles from The Realm which you must overcome. The Realm is taking over, and cracking your water supplies - travel to the floating island to try to fix the problem.

The Realm is gold, gold is gold, gold is a solid, therefore The Realm is a solid. Solids do not flow, so The Realm should not be here.

Do not touch the sides, do not touch the roof, do not touch the ground, collect water to survive, find the artifact. These are your rules, it would be in your best interest to follow them.

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In your map,

I think it is not clear enough where the player needs to go. But because of the lighting, but also because of the towers. The towers could perhaps have windows, so you can see N running through and have a better sense of direction of where to go. I don't know what you were thinking of with the lasers. Because there is not enough room for the lasers to work. The have to use a minimum of 3x3 + 1 square space for it to work.

Also, I propose that the helicopters cast of some sort of light source as well. It is way to unclear that you have to get up on the back of them to win the map.

Also, I feel as if the yellow spots of light are too rough. If you're using photoshop, you should try using a basic fading brush.

Lastly, I feel you should add some more texture to the map to make it interesting. You know, fences and walls and stuff like that.


Red ;)

That's ok.

As a matter of fact, neither paradox-dragon or golfkid have replied yet.

Lol I came third in Red Ball? o.O I wouldnt have expected it.
Okay so I'd like the name to be Eddy :D
Sorry for the long delay but my internet had been broken.