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Author santa_hat_crusader
Tags action author:santa_hat_crusader fun hard rockets unrated
Created 2012-05-12
Last Modified 2012-05-12
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description I thought I'd make a map or two before vehemence. Here it is, coming back is a bit tricky

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Open NReality.

Click user levels.
Type in map ID 200005.
Check the 0th.
Eat that motherfuc*er.

Hello, I am contacting you to remind you that Vehemence begins today for you. 100 maps have to do in four days. 25 every day. Good luck friend!

hey there!


Assuming I could actually grasp trough the horribly-made drone cube, which is horrible. Excusing the tautology, the horrible spacing between ALL the blocks makes it excruciatingly annoying to navigate. The enemies are so-so. The gold might as well don't be there because no-one will go trough such a confusing and scabrous tileset just to get killed 99% of the time by the horrible quality this map has.

Very few cube maps are actually enjoyable, because they're explorable, and funny to play around. This is just the opposite. 3
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hopefully i can deliver...

I have to admit that I expect too much from you on Vehemence 4!
This opened e-tile map is fun and challenging. Nice one!
Keep it up and good luck!!