Cyclopean Masonry

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Author Seneschal
Tags author:seneschal cyclopean masonry noneuclidiangeometry rated rlyeh terpsichore
Created 2012-05-20
Last Modified 2013-01-17
by 5 people.
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Description "That is not dead which can eternal lie/And with strange aeons even death may die"

Map 99 (not 100 as my profile would have you believe).

9-1 from Terpsichore []

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About that map

I like the originality of it. The drones have different settings on them, which cause them to go different ways upon hitting the trapdoors. The trapdoors also appear in different places, depending on the direction around the loop that you go. That all causes there to be a large number of possibilities from just triggering one trapdoor. I hope this is the effect you were going for. The trouble with it for you, is that planning the paths is quite hard for this, and not all the drones go to the right places.

When going clockwise around the map, the drones tend to pass behind you and join one of the main trains in the top left. When I reach the top left, there's an enormous amount of drones released, and they don't stack because they turn different directions upon hitting the trapdoors. It's good dodging fun.

When going clockwise, when the drones are released, they travel in the same direction as me. Some join up with the other groups, but all end up trapped in the area you have set up for it, behind a locked door in the middle. No problems from then on.

Why is the lower right area so separate? The two trains of drones there work completely differently to what the others do, in that they leave the area. Also, I'm assuming it was intentional for you not to have any infinite paths which orbit the whole map. Those are just some thoughts. I like the chaos that erupts when the trains are released, and don't think it should ever go away, or settle into a tiny safe track. Let the drones roam forever instead of trapping them safely out of the way.


Some mines were quite annoying.
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very relaxing

aesethically solid, as always

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