0003. Raining Twilight

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Tags 3x3 author:vodkalover unrated
Created 2012-06-04
Last Modified 2012-06-04
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Description Ded to EddyMataGallos for being the first to mention my name.

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Yet another demo

for Victory!
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Faster than Eddy, tied swipenet on nreality.
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SR. Tie.
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Hehe hola, ya se que parece que me mata el floorguard, al igual que a muchas otras demos, eso es porque ajustamos mucho (cuanto mas ajustas esa parte, entre otras, mas ahorras). Tienes razón en que parece que no toco la puerta, pero la demo es legítima, yo siempre me guío por NReality, si estoy jugando y me lo da por bueno, lo considero como bueno, aunque no lo parezca (puede estar muy ajustado o un fallito del juego). Las repeticiones están en NReality si quieres checkearlas ;)


Haha thanks a lot for the ded :D I recognised you quickly :P
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Demo Data

nice mini map

great use of all the things....
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I apologize.

Sorry mr vodkalover

But you are a dickhead... That is all
three dot five down?
I think it was not necessary. I do not seek ratings. The ratings have been disabled, if you have not noticed.
Please submit your demo (it is the aim of this series, play and amuse) and close your mouth.



faster speed

this one works well too. simply have to check your demo on Userlevels.
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neither drikam,

here works...
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speed I guess?

Not sure if it works, those are fast lol.
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sorry Pony,

just only a death demo. You have killed by a floorguard.


weird. in this completion, it doesn't appear like i made it. but according to nreality, i did. even watching frame by frame in Ned, it's extremely close.
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Me gusta. 4/5
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