kitty's tower heist!

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Author 29403
Tags 29403 author:29403 collab katnipkollege unrated year2
Created 2012-06-23
Last Modified 2012-06-23
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Description collab with kyozo_43 []

can you help our hero cat complete the five sacred CHALLENGES?

1 ‣ make an all gold demo
2 ‣ make a no gold demo
3 ‣  don't use any one ways
4 ‣  make a no gold demo without using any one ways
5 ‣  all gold demo without one ways!

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It's cheatable. I knew something like this would happen :P
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actually a really fun map
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fun map

a bit too hard. i like the trapdoors.
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Challenge #4 Demo

Also, 5/5 because I can ;)
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