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Author Ferox
Tags author:ferox easy-medium jumper rated
Created 2012-08-22
Last Modified 2012-08-22
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Taking a shot at the jumper scene. I say easy-medium because I can beat it in the editor.

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Sure ^^

But i will only release maps from time to time.
and today I submitted it. this is just a cool coincidence :P
this. []. I don't know why.


I´m maybe youngest but you are only year older and still have featured maps. :)
To fuck your brains out, metaphorically.

as for my tileart

go for it! I also thought about inverting that one. :P

as for this comment [], could you explain?

You're invited:

I'll fix it soon - I'm on crappy internet with the equiv of 5 bars of dialup.
I don't know how to pastebin, sorry for stretching your page : /


i know xerces


...faster speed run without the right wall...
Demo Data


...well this is how i think you wanted it to be completed...that is without using the right wall, considering its a jumper map...idk i would suggest putting some mines on the right wall so ppl cant use it and really play this map as a jumper...either way here is a faster AGD without using the right wall...could be improved a bunch and you will see if you watch the demo!!...i really liked this map a lot!! easily 5/5...
Demo Data

speed completion
Demo Data

slow agd - surprising good jumper plenty of options - 5aved
Demo Data

it is tom cruise

nevermind lol
But i could be mixing him up