That ain't crescent fresh

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Author Pizzles
Tags author:pizzles jailbreak unrated
Created 2012-08-23
Last Modified 2012-08-23
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Description Someone delisted the other one. Vaguely inspired by lord day or blackson or something.

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Hi Pizzles! What's up bro!!! ;)

The maps don't have to be good to be twittered about, it's all down to the tweeter's discretion. It's basically your chance to promote a map you've just played.
And that I'm not much of a delight to you, but VODKALOVER is my account for a 3x3 mapping project underway.

and the23


I edited out the drones and most of the mines and had a better experience. Looked neater, played more smoothly. Aesthetically it was almost really nice but didn't quite make it.

Skyler made all of the tilesets for "yo yo blackman" and the others similar to it. I only made one into a playable map. But yah I dont think he delisted them. If you cant find it I'll talk to him about it. ;P

Love that first jump to get away from the chainguns. Thrilling.
But thank you for changing it.

:O <3

Thanks spudz, haven't seen you in a while.

This is fantastic. The chain gun paths were great and it was fun to search out the jumps to get to the gold by the trap doors. Cool tiles and structure of the map as well.
I thought it captured the vibe of the map and described it pretty well.


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sort of the intended route
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