Shredthrough Part 1: Spivey Jail

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Author llabesab
Tags author:llabesab insano jailbreak shredthrough spivey unrated
Created 2012-09-12
Last Modified 2012-09-12
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Map Data

Description Welcome Ninja 76184. This is the jail president, Mario Spivey IV. Welcome to the Nightmare in a Building, the RobotHouse. Welcome to Spivey Jail. Have a very nice stay.


"What is it?"
"Maurice, we have victory!"
"Nice job, Mario!"
"All 84,000 ninjas are trapped forever!"


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Random Facts:
This was supposed to be a DDA.
The title "Shredthrough" was made after I was playing, and a rocket literally shredded through the ninja.

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Seriously, man?

You need NReality to play the DDA. I even said it in the description. :/