You really are a ninja!

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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 bestof1211 chainguns glitch highscore rated
Created 2012-09-14
Last Modified 2012-09-24
by 8 people.
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Description Here's a map that's interesting. This map/concept is inspired by this map [] by Yahoozy. The idea is to not hit any of the trap-door switches, otherwise, the signal (a trapdoor that appears in the center of the map) will show up and you will get shot by the chainguns. This is mainly a highscoring map, because that is the best I can come up with without overdoing the concept. So, please enjoy! Also, dedicated to EddyMataGallos for his AGD/speedrun on a previous map of mine.

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nice concept.

Yahoozy's map is better, though....
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Last comment was from me.
My only complaint would be that you need to introduce the player to the concept more carefully. I played it a few times before reading the description and didn't really understand what was going on.

Sub-450 AGD

Dunno if this is the best route. This concept is awesome, thanks you so much for the ded ;) I don't know how you managed to do this, but its freakin cool.
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neat concept

I like. :D
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Nice concept 1211! 4.5


fun stuff. nice concept :D
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Here's an AGD.

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I know

I remember the yahoozy map very well, it's like the "Don't shoot the dog" game. I really liked the use of the concept, and the execution was very good...

whole point*

fucked up

BUT STILL SURVIVED. *throws another party*
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*throws a party for being first*