Dream of the mountain goat

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Author lfaber
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Created 2012-09-18
Last Modified 2012-09-18
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Description The goat had curled up near its mother, and after a day of traversing mountains and canyons, it was very tired. As the little mountain goat drifted off to sleep, the scene of a vast canyon became increasingly vivid as the goat became decreasingly conscious. The goat was there, overlooking the canyon. On the other side, an infinite field of grass, of flatness, lay temptingly. Oh, to feel the grass in his hooves would be heaven, to no longer struggle up mountains and be constantly holding on for dear life. The little mountain goat jumped into the canyon, hoping that even for a second, and even if it wasn't real, that he could feel the softness of the grass and the comfort of the flatness that was waiting for him...

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It's like driving on a road with cracks and potholes.
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oooohhhh, lsudny

soooo close

good fun.

have a 5. :D
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