Shines On Holy Mountain

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable rated
Created 2012-10-10
Last Modified 2012-10-10
by 8 people.
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Description Shines On Holy Mountain

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you once commented:

"I'm going to reiterate, as I just played this again.
This is probably one of the best showcases of composition I've ever seen. This is conscientious mapmaking. Everything is fucking right here." This is the best comment I've ever received and it meant a lot. I feel the same way about this map. Here's an agd out of gratitude for your gratitude.
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The problem is

that Sunset is so ludicrously prolific that it's easy to forget. He's not the only one mind.

This seems to hark back to some of your older stuff, I liked it, but I found the laser part a bit tedious, I might have been doing it slightly wrong though.

Good map

Didn´t liked the laser much. :-/

God dammit.

Great map.
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I didn't mind

waiting for the laser
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yeah awesome, really nice atmosphere too. Only qualm was probably the laser, in that gameplay so focused on waiting is kinda ehhhh, however it works particularly well here, and the ability to jump into the next section quick enough for it not to trigger, and therefore allowing you to go through two sections instead of just the on, made it a bit more interesting. Particularly liked the drone/mines sections in the middle.
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