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Author ska
Tags action author:ska episodic flow metanet unrated updraft
Created 2012-10-12
Last Modified 2012-10-12
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Map Data

Description claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.claw.

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Love the enemies and the tiles too.
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Your underclocked runs for episode 0 are fucking amazing. Kudos.

-1 on macrohenry's route. lol
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*literally thousands of tears*


I'm not really happy with this run, but the drone makes the ending difficult if you are faster in the parts before.
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But it looks good. i can see a couple of routes taht i'm guessing you put there intentionally.


first map in a couple of months. what of it?
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