Blind Justice: Investigation

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Author APulse
Tags author:apulse featured puzzle rated vanish
Created 2012-11-03
Last Modified 2012-11-03
by 20 people.
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(Playtested by macrohenry)

This map was featured on 2013-09-20

I’m sorry to say the map before you is very challenging. It involves a rigorous journey through a floating minefield. Even though your ninja is swift and nimble, its time here will be filled with blast injuries and severed limbs. In this map alone, you’ll face a puzzling system of trapdoors, precision walljumps at high speed, and generally daunting acrobatic feats, with missteps punished by instant, fiery annihilation.

It’s my unfortunate duty to try out such maps, but there’s nothing stopping you from going to the Hot Maps page and playing something relaxing, if you prefer that sort of thing. — Nexx

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No idea why.

Basically, from what I can ascertain, "Invalid" made maps several years ago, then switched to an account called "APulse" in 2010. When that account was disabled in June this year for whatever reason, he reverted back to his original "Invalid" account.


So, Invalid was his old account, and now he's back into using it? This is confusing...


neither was I until you pointed that out...
I was not aware of this until now.

haha wow, thanks

I knew that review sounded a bit familiar
Suuuuper well executed. Great work


original too. 4 ninjas from me.
He authored the A Series of Unfortunate Events books, and this review is merely an edited version of the blurb that appears on the back of the first book. Still, I hope you guys liked it.

out of the

winners I think this one was my favourite :)



very cool! The idea wasn't as brilliant as some of the other entries, but your execution of it is great. It would have been easy to make a more predictable + easy version of this, but the imagination you've put into the path makes it a lot more memorable + replayable! nice one
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there's no point arguing about future events with a guy named destiny. :P

Loved it

Though I wish it wasn't quite so hard.

Second place to me!

PALEMOON obvious third.

pretty clear second place. awesome map.

very challenging!

fun to figure out, though. :D

Love it!

Agree with what has already been said.

Sub-2000f AGD

Absolutely love the map and the concept. 5/5
It is challenging and took me a while to figure out.
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heh. This is a pretty interesting puzzle map. Trapdoors are one of my favorite objects, they can do so much cool stuff. i like how the path is not at all obvious, either


A bit faster, but I did a stupid mistake at the end. :/
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Not very fast. I'm trying to get a better run.
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