Excerpt from a Wedding Cake

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Author Pheidippides
Tags author:pheidippides featured playable ppii puzzle rated
Created 2012-11-11
Last Modified 2012-11-11
by 17 people.
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Description Been waiting in earnest to submit this one. 09-2 from Pheidippisodium, Part II []. I wanted to create an intricate floorguard puzzle without relying on their ability to run across horizontal doors and open air. The result is not hard to physically play, but it's a long map and requires a good deal of forethought.

This map was featured on 2013-10-29

“You think the Horcrux is beyond this, sir?”
“Oh yes.” Dumbledore peered more closely at the floorguard puzzle map. It was surprisingly dynamic and intricate, even for Lord Pheidimort. “But how to reach it? This map cannot be removed, broken, cheated, or otherwise circumvented… I can only conclude that this map is supposed to be played.”
“What?” said Harry. “No!”
“Yes, I think so: only by playing it can we reach the exit and see what lies beyond it.”
“But what if – what if it kills us?”
“Indeed, we shall have to be cautious, especially with that last floorguard.” — Nexx

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I just realized that I didn't mean the very last floorguard, by the exit. I meant the last one in the main puzzle area, the one that has ruined many a run on this map.
but anyway, it's a very cerebral map which without watching the solution requires a lot of pre-thought, and probably trial-and-error. My only minor gripe is that sometimes it felt a little awkward moving around floor-guards. Still a good feature choice, and certainly worthy of winning puzzle of the year for last year's Dronies.

wonderful review

Great review! Nice map too, goes without saying.

Credit to JK Rowling for the review material. I thought this map was kind of fitting for something like Horcrux defense because it would let Voldemort access his Horcruxes but still make it hard for others to access them. In other words, it's hard but fair. Once you know how to beat this map, you can do it every time if you are sufficiently careful.


You blew away the competition!


Making a fresh floorguard puzzle at this age isn't easy, yet you managed to pull it off with the uttermost simplicity.


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nice run, mam!


Interesting puzzle. 4.5^

I quite like this.

Floorguards are the best enemy.
An instant classic.
The map everyone wanted to make, and only you could.

Pheidi, we love you.


very nicely done.
I've wanted to make a map like this for years and have never been close to pulling it off. 5aved, and if we ever have dronies again, I'm probably nominating this for map of the year.

Very impressive

I was thinking of making a map like this myself, but this is so much better than mine would've turned out. Wow. Just wow. Nice work, Pheidi!
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Sweet Gandhi's tits, this is one of the best puzzles I've ever played. Well done, simply put.
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massively long AGD

Any route improvements here? (apart from when I'm collecting the last switches, that was just me being stupid)
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