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Author StreetsAhead
Tags action author:streetsahead cool dda fun kradda unrated
Created 2012-11-20
Last Modified 2012-11-20
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description My first DDA, and my first KRADDA. Hopefully it should be good. Try it out, rate it and give suggestions for additions i could add for my next DDA. Have fun!

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Agreed with kyozo and Mohit. Though not bad for a first, there's still a bit to improve on. There were a couple of moments where you could have made the tiles suitable to go through tiles like that tunnel on the right. Not bad for a first though. 2.5/5^
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kyozo_43 is right.

a kradda gets better when there are more and more close calls. to achieve this, you have to spend some time experimenting on various different objects that you may place. you may try better propulsion methods like gold on bounce block(s), or gold on open door etc. these methods are generally preferred to launch-pads as the latter are too easy to use. see my ctrdda Please Don't Tease The Little Rocket []. you can PM me on the dronies forums here [],if you may some help. i have not made much maps, but my kraddas are worth watching. i prefer ddas to other genres of maps. i can help you, as much as i could. :)

Those drones hardly did anything. It was fine though. 3/5 fir a normal dda, but 4/5 seen as though it's your first. I'm not one for dda's but ask any dda maker for help on how to improve :)
Sub 300 speedrun wooo
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