Cae Kai Fei Phy

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Author APulse
Tags author:apulse playable rated
Created 2012-11-22
Last Modified 2012-11-22
by 11 people.
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Description E tile map

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That's awesome!

trance, you still didn't play the bit with the switches, and that was easily the best part


but this is definitely Dronies material. In fact, this is probably more fun than past winners. God, this map is just so great!

real good map

rocket dodges are one of my favorite things in t his game


great freaking concept

Faster non-cheat

Improved a lot in this one.
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though. The number of the beast is in fact 616. I can't live up to that...

This is an AGD.

The Devil's AGD!!! MWAHHAHA...!!
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sloppy demo, though. and now it's bedtime.
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flag was curious

And i had fun.
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...I think it's good, very good in fact. But Dronies? Why? It's a very solid map, and I feel like without seeing the other comments, I'd probably be doing nothing but praising it. But Dronies, no way. Very good though, 4.

i'd like to see a noncheated agd from a highscorer by the way, out of curiosity

faster noncheated

best map i've seen in so long
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Demo Data


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Oh my gosh!

This is really, really amazing!

It's on, Pony.

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Demo Data

Cheated AGD

Still a very solid map.
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Very good!

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this isn't good this is dronies
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Map was a little unforgiving but quite fun 4.5^