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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable rated
Created 2012-12-04
Last Modified 2012-12-04
by 10 people.
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Description Stomach

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Oh, well.

I guess I have to agree with Sunset below me. Since English isn't my native language as well, I misunderstood your comment. Sorry, man.
you said a while ago that "every facet of Sunset's style is derived from me", or something along those lines - I'm probably paraphrasing. "every facet" is a pretty strong statement. And it's not true either. You do influence me, but not to the degree you're implying.


yahoozy this is legit and turns me on almost as much as your beard does


Just fucking awesome.

unique etc blah

too many compliments today feel weirrd


...i used those tiles you made for me bro, but i didnt use them very well and i will use em again to give them justice!...


that picture made my day


an absolutely.
agd, naturally.
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wrong map...



currently 7.8 seconds faster than EddyMataGallos, but I'm almost positive he'll respond with a 295+ run...
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this was cool! nice difficulty. Easier to maneuver through than i thought it'd be from the thumbnail
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Love it

Agree with Traveleravi except for that the drone wasn't that hard to pass. 4aved.


This looks like an impossibly hard and annoying level but it plays very smoothly. It was a very enjoyable play. the drone was hard to get by but I otherwise liked it. 4.7651/5