Guardian [N-reality]

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Author Ors_II
Tags action author:ors_ii n-reality playable unrated
Created 2012-12-06
Last Modified 2012-12-06
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Map Data

Description Testing floor- and ceiling guards.

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Nice map.
Demo Data

I was just kiddidng

with my test map []. 30 min later I got working rotating laser. Hour later whole map. "4^636,210,1"+"4^x,y,1^2,1,1"="4^636,210,1^2,1,1" Left wall guard. I can´t use triggers or circular path yet but trying to learn. I´m targetting to make "N-themes" mod but I can just edit mouse and story.

nice mod

really liked this. was going to do an AGD but instead sttled for a speedrun. AGD would be too hard for me. where did you learn to mod like this? i have modmaster but i dont know how to do the more advanced mods.

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i didnt expect his to be n-reality(because Im illiterate) and just thought
also floor guards look like leechs


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Nice demoes!


small, obvious route change
Demo Data


Cool map; I thought the floorguards were overbearing at first, but then I realised it was just a question of manipulation.
Demo Data
maybe you're doing something wrong; i gave three to this map


My N-reality foregrounds and backgrounds doesn´t work even when testing other guy´s maps what should I do?