99-1 Gate

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Author Jeremoon
Tags action author:jeremoon enoughpornfortoday justdem3more multiplechoice rated serie
Created 2012-12-07
Last Modified 2012-12-07
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Garden of Eden

you have multiplechoice

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alternative method.

not as quick as Eddy's lock bypass route, obviously.
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I'm new.

I don't know what you're talking about.


actually it wasnt a fake :D
But I removed the tiles covering them and it didn't affect the gameplay, so I won't let it affect my rating. :p Rocket was good, mechanics were good, fake exit was cool. 3.5

I did go for the gold in other runs but here's a completion.
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i knew you would come and find another way up :D

Sub-600 AGD

Very fun map :D Im surprise by how much I beated the cheater misty ;)
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like a submarine. Its fun reminds me a little of a level from the 50s column. 4/5


because fuck snipers.


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good map

nice object placement. fun and simple challenge:)

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