Tunnel Trouble

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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 featured mrgy playable rated trouble tunnel
Created 2012-12-16
Last Modified 2012-12-16
by 21 people.
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Description My condolences in advance, the game play is annoyingly long.

This map was featured on 2013-09-09

"Now let's see here..."
Super Tunnel 2000® Ninja Trapping System
- Labyrinthine system of tunnels with scattered gold to lure ninjas and keep them occupied
- Trick intersections that contain one-way glass, restricting ninja movement in unexpected ways for maximum ninja confusion
- All tunnels are densely patrolled by pairs of insta-kill zap drones

Guaranteed to trap and kill 95% of ninjas! Don’t settle for less!


The ninja tossed aside the stolen document and peered into the tunnel entrance.

"Doesn't sound too bad. I'll just wing it.” — Nexx

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Too bad that you can't get all the gold with this route. :(
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I thought this was already featured


mrgy, if you perhaps read this message, you must get 1000 maps soon. You're so close.
Make some new ones please. ;)

I really like mrgy05.
One of the best map archives in the whole NUMA, every new map he made featured new concepts and different ways to play, he never fell into repetition, and always presented with each new map a concept and really different to the previous. Yes, amazing. Certainly, one of the best archives here. <3

faved it before it was cool.

just saying.

this is extremely cool


5aved aswell. nice and puzzly map. great job!


This is just a really nice map all-around.

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Dronie nom for best use of objects I think. We'll see.


Not too long, not too shabby. I liked it.
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"My condolences in advance, the game play is annoyingly long." Lol you're not supposed to tell people that! :D Anyway, great map. Slick, smooth, and enjoyable. Here's an AGD:
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mario bros problems

this map looks awesome
though I wont complete it


Superb map. The drone mechanics are impeccable and the exit key placement is tremendously groovy. Fived and Faved.
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