OpTiCaL iLlUsIoN

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Author schmidty563
Tags author:schmidty563 n-art rated
Created 2005-12-22
by 25 people.
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Description this took a while and some planning to do.. enjoy

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thats the illusion?
no words
thats not really an illusion

How can you not see

the optical illusion? Turn your head on its side, and it looks different, like the red at the bottom is flat and theres a cube with a bit cut out on it. Nice Art, 5/5

It looks cool...

but it's not an optical illusion.


is the coolest tileset ive ever seen.


i may be stupid or something
because im not really understanding how optical illusion fits the center thing
but it looks pretty cool, and good job with the words


It was a 5/5 with 5 votes, then I voted, and it went down to 4.5... I must have rated wrong. Im realy sorry about.


That looks great! 5/5