Research Facility

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Author XY
Tags author:xy collab gnothergnu hard race thwumps unrated
Created 2013-01-19
Last Modified 2013-01-19
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Description XX [] meets XY.

Yes, this is a collab with GNU, started in November 2009. She disappeared around 2010 and for whatever reason I now decided to finish it up. Remember, the main part of this was made when I had little idea how to make a stilistically consistent map; the flow, however, should be quite interesting.

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I still have a look on here every once in a while and am very excited to see this finished (and glad you informed me or I would have missed it completely)! I have lost any ability I ever had to play the game, so am limited to just watching your excellent demo, but you finished it up very nicely :)
I even died from hitting the thwumps too fast once..? .-.

a bit technical for me

plan b
Demo Data

fantastic flow.


Ich bin ein Berliner. :D
great innovation.

also, welcome back!


you're back!!!




You have to be fast to get the enemy/thump timing right.
Demo Data