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Author APulse
Tags author:apulse collab race rated
Created 2013-01-31
Last Modified 2013-01-31
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description trance->AP->trance->AP->trance->AP->AP->trance->AP []

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Very fun. Really liked it
I quite liked it, and I +1 Destiny's comment.

a little messy...

the aesthetics left a little to be desired however, the flow was fairly solid. 3.5/5

you're really solidifying yourself in this community lately with your submissions so keep it up. :)


+ eked out some more frames. I also agree with pheidi and destiny, that jump off the one-ways in combination with the overhanging edge was getting more and more frustrating as I tried to get a clean run. Another fiddly part was the closed door with a gap below, which also had to be done twice. :/ Otherwise an excellent, fun map! 4/5
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very nice, yes

those thwumps at the bottom are awesome

Fast AGD-1.

That jump in the bottom left is annoying, unfortunately. I clipped the corner so often on my way out. The fact that you have to make that jump twice only makes it worse. The rest of it works well.
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Moar pls!

Apart from the bottom left corner (ugh one-ways with a tile hanging over the top) which i had to do twice (;_;) this was fantastic. Excellent thwumps at the bottom, and excellent, well, everything else too. 5/5.

Make a series or something! Seriously!
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Flow demo

We should do another one sometime.
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Glad to have collaborated with y'all.


Another great race. I really like your race maps, they're pretty awesome. I like the rockets and flow particularly. The thwumps part was my favourite, since you used them differently to what they are often used for (walljumping, running along them etc.). Slight stuff-up in demo due to my stupidity.
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Favorite part was the bounce block just over the locked door.

yeah sometimes that thwump doesn't 'activate' but other than that its awesome.

very proffesional

and fun. Streets should check this out. 4.5/5
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surprisingly long
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