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Author APulse
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Created 2013-03-17
Last Modified 2013-03-17
by 15 people.
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Description an electric puzzle-ish hive map

This map was featured on 2015-05-31

Floorguards – they're tricky little buggers, aren't they? Their name doesn't really do them justice. I mean, yeah, they can guard floors, okay. That's what they are there for, basically. So, realistically, you'd think – ha! Let's take away the floor, that'll teach them! - and they're like nope! Screw you, and the laws of physics too, while we're at it! Oops, there was a wall there? Haha, who cares?

Personally, whenever I see those smug green eyes, fully aware of the floorguard's reality-bending capabilities, I take it as challenge. Bring it on, I say.

Bring. It. On. — lifdoff

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Somewhat conceptual and interesting use of tiles. i enjoyed!


the official name is "floorchaser". Just look at the help menu if you don't believe me! However, in NED they are referred to as "floor guards". Weird, huh?

I like how this map

is a jumper, a puzzle and a concept map in one.

cool review

How odd.

I just played this a few days ago. Great map.

this is fun

not too difficult, nothing crazy, just a relaxed-ish unconventional floorguard map.
I am in awe of good DDA maps.
I rarely enjoy a jumper or a race.
I rarely dislike a good concept map.
That is something that I don't find to happen every day.

Nice. What nphasis said, basically. I'm a fan of this concept. Nice execution.
I haven't seen floorguards used this way, this well in a while.
It was a little underwhelming compared to the regular navigation. I appreciate that you were maintaining the aesthetic cohesion with the floorguard, but I think that it impacted the gameplay slightly negatively.

Still a great map though.

looks cool

fun challenge. Actually good use of the left-only factor of floorguards.

i'll have to make a new one then.
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i have now broken all of your demos


This was let down a bit by a few odd decisions, especially that anomalous e-tile edge at the bottom.

Thought the switches would have worked better as gold too.
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AGD -1

I don't know how to take that one.
This is a nice concept map, I don't know if it is in fact a feature worthy map, but it looks good, feels good, plays good.
have a 5.
(that one gold annoyed me)
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fantastic concept

brilliant execution
feature worthy