summoner's hollow

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny puzzle puzzlish rated
Created 2013-03-30
Last Modified 2013-03-30
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description a map with a puzzlish twist, playtested by da_guru. had it in my text file for a month or so. enjoy!

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its fun to complete

so i think im doing it right

if i'm not, dont blame me i'm bad
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awwwwwww he HURT

don't cry, I was just joking :P

:| *SIGH

It was kinda a joke... I rearranged words on ur profile to make it sound stupid

I'm confused

Is there some weird joke that I'm missing?


Time to get you back for that offensively rude comment about my break-up with trav:

Quotes from lsudny's profile. Disclaimer: Some words may be rearranged in a different actual order. However, all words are legitametely and directly taken from lsudny's profile

Welcome to suck

A dude who sucks

You have to know that I suck at real-time sexy, just hit me up!

Overall a pretty cool guy. Just call me chillout/downtempo!

I'm an active member and founder of sexy, so I prefer doing it over IRC/fb/skype.

-a dude who sucks at sitting and always open

my fingers man, they did it for me. Truth about sexy reviews, just hit me up! these pills are weird, yup this is me.

yup this is me. feel free to hit me up for some sexy suck sitting.

-an occasional glass_arm

Everyone. YOU'RE ALL DOING IT WRONG. Other channels have to know that I suck at sexy suds, so <squibbles> is how its spelled. Sexy is sitting in suds. and my stuff may interest you. YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!

sexy suck sucks lsudny sucks sexy offer you to feature!

The end. Have a nice day :P
u sure? you'd probably do great with the 4th tileset :D

in case u make a map, deadlines this weekend I think


you don't get it?
If I love you so much :o
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lubie gume xd

sorry dude

I wasn't aware of these cheats when playtesting. Still good fun. 4/5
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Glassy I made you a map!

It's a present for you because you are awesome.

I was trying to do the ultimate speed run route.. when I read the comments and realized miststalker had already done it. Great map though! a few mines would fix all the cheats in no time! It is a fun puzzle to play either way though, I enjoy this map!

jesus i really suck at puzzles and cheatproofing
it makes me feel even worse


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T'is a great speedrunning option!
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This is a fun map, I especially loved the start.
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Hello lsu

Which my new nickname for you JK hahaha

This map is cool but at first I couldn't find the ninja Oo

Then I noticed that you hid him in the ground!!!!

Anyway thanks for those mapping tips!! I will look at them!!!
Oh I have a question for you. Do you know who zoa is and what does he mean by that weird comment on my level???
but it's rather pointless :P
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The way I did it.

(It's still fun and puzzley)


cool map. In what way is the right side cheatable?
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and yes, the right side is cheatable. but if you cheat, i'll send the delta (yes, Δ) force to your house or something.
I suck at puzzles.
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