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Author Brttrx
Tags action author:brttrx playable unrated
Created 2013-04-12
Last Modified 2013-04-12
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Description its important to decipher the things you cannot control in life and the things you can, and prioritizing how much attention to put towards it and how to handle each one, so you dont become overwhelmed by it all, and maintaining gratitude towards what you have compared to others, and to be happy about your path simply because you have one. it's hard to keep it all in mind sometimes. heres a reminder for myself and for anyone that might feel this way as well; it's all good, and you're just going through a struggle that's going to make you a better person if you keep in mind how to handle it correctly.

and heres a map that i made that has choices and you can play it too, it's not great but whatever im just making random shit nowadays.

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