Escape From Alcatraz

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Author 123leonidas321
Tags author:123leonidas321 collab leofeatworth mrgy05 prisoner unrated
Created 2013-05-11
Last Modified 2013-05-11
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description A prisoner collab with mrgy05 and R3d_N1nj4!!!

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Haven't been many prisoner maps for a while. Kudos
That is cool. But this was bit too hard for me... I give still 4.5</5 for this map

lol, you don't get what I mean. I was talking to be honest and harsh with tips and advices, anything personal obviously.

One last thing,

Can I be harsh and talking to you with the entrails in that pastebin?

Have I ever failed you?

It is not. ;)

That was another lie!!! I'm always full of those! ;)
Ok, it seems fair. I'll prepare an extense pastebin for you.. ;)

lol JK
and well, its better than some of my recent maps... idk, I think the little skills I have at mapping are falling apart :/ maybe I need a break from mapping... although last time I did that it was annoying lol XD


lol at the third tag! hahahahaha, it is also in your list? lol

That's a lie!!!
it is so hard! though i really love the drone mechanics

Death demo

Should help you get through the first half.

BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed collabing with this. Many thanks to mrgy and Reddy!
Demo Data