my life with the thrill kill kult

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset dsyitf unrated
Created 2013-05-21
Last Modified 2013-05-21
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Description "turned on most of the time aren't you, either by one thing or another"

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this took me far too long.
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And here's a new route for the gauss area, making things really faster, with some innovs here and there, and also certainly cleaned, but can still be improved. 105.450

Here we have a quite unique map, extravagant and stylish, where the gaming experience is rewarding for many different reasons, but mainly because of its unusual mechanics here and there, and finally by its hidden and well done flow. This adorned in an excellent atmosphere.

Scored. []
In the dsyitf competiton thread on the forums I am explaining about my scores in real time.
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This was my first route.
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nice map


two things

one i accidentally reported your comment somehow

and two i didn't notice that mine there, my bad. it being covered by the floorguard and all

demo explaining.

pizzles the rocket is there cause its a retile of chrise's map
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the one

under the floorguard
I didn't go around the top with the rocket, not really sure why that's there, but the mine in the tunnel was kind of a dealbreaker

which one?

i don't understand

i really dislike how its mandatory to jump over the x-clipped mine in a 1 tall hall. other than that its fun