I'd Love To Share A Map With You, But You Won't Like It

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Author miststalker06
Tags annoying author:miststalker06 mines playable shit tiles unrated
Created 2013-05-31
Last Modified 2013-05-31
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Description Here's a 5mm map, while I contemplate the submission of another map.

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oh and dude

this in 5 minutes. in no way are you bad at mapping haha. That's ridiculously good
swap current door key to an actual door key blocking off area you currently start in, with the actual trapdoor-door key somewhere in there?

haven't tested it, but could work better, offf to sleeeeeep

It's because I'm

bad at mapping, Fotf. :P I'm so lousy at structure...

nice one

for 5 mins this is pretty ridiculous. Are those two pieces of gold possible? Main qualm is that the difficulty curve is kind of backwards, starting with the harder jumps first and ending with easiest ones..
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you 5mm unlike anyone else


of how to get there...
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