smoke you out

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Created 2013-07-18
Last Modified 2013-07-18
by 6 people.
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Description hey

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fastest agd

very nice map.
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Smooth tiles
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I love you.

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really pretty

slightly underwhelming gameplay, a little more intensity would have been nice. But cool map overall, for sure.
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like the mine
like the tiles
gameplay not good as excepted, it is open yes but i was excepting more action

This is a good map.

I like getting smoked out.


Nice map! Really like the tiles.
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first try agd. very relaxing open gameplay. the tileset is beautiful. great map (-:
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nice tiles, unexciting gameplay.
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Hey hey!

Are you back? Cuz that would be fantastic.

Slow agd; pretty fun map with gorgeous tiles. I woulda liked just a bit more to it, maybe some gold in the top right --- the first two gold areas and the exit switch don't really pose any threat, so it feels just a touch empty. Still quite nice ^_^
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