What Would I Want? Sky

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Author anco
Tags action author:anco rated
Created 2013-07-28
Last Modified 2013-07-28
by 5 people.
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Description Name coincidence is unintended.

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All-gold, embarrassing death.

Love this map. The left room especially flows beautifully. Your ornate mines don't serve their purpose especially well, but it's not like anyone's gonna use those passages, anyways. Fantastic.
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blocking the left wall and the upper left passage. It's mostly my desire to stray away from boring object choices that led me to place gausses there instead of mines - though I don't regret it.
Just have the two rockets and chaingun and you're set.

This is as far as I got in one run, but I did beat it in pieces. 3/5
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Middle gauss is null, but this map is super enjoyable. Faved.
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i always hate your maps initially but once i figure them out i feel like they're made just for me
of course i don't figure ALL of them out but i liked this one a lot
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