Perplexing Perspective

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Author ska
Tags author:ska one-way perplex perplexing perspective puzzle rated
Created 2013-08-25
Last Modified 2013-08-25
by 8 people.
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Description Haven't subbed a map in a couple of months.

This is my map #333 under this account and my sole submission for NUMACON: Perplex []

If you can finish the map and get all the gold without watching a demo, then pat yourself on the back. There are also at least 2 ways of getting the gold in the top-right.

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improved my original agd by a couple of seconds since this got nominated for the 2013 Dronies :P
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I was working on a map with this exact concept

Good one

I'd say it's action/puzzle, though its puzzle parts are more interesting than its action parts, imo. Anyway, enjoyed.


the gist of it, nice concept
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Straight Brilliant!

Favorited for if and when I become a reviewer cause this is feature worthy.


Fun map :D
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why is this comment cut in half

nah, it's just you lol


of course. fun map though dude

still a good map

still a good map

fair enough

It makes you think - you cannot just run into it and expect to succeed. It also gives the player several ways to approach and to find the correct ones. I don't feel this map has that quality - there is one path that is obvious from the get-go.

This one for me looks like a clear cut action - I think you are doing the pigeon-holing when calling it a puzzle.


I tried to make something similar to Life in a Glasshouse []; a previous map of mine, but also different. I also didn't want it to be too hard. If you want a more traditional puzzle of mine that will make you think, try Vinyl Spritzer []. The thing is with a lot of my maps is that I don't concern myself with trying to pigeon-hole my maps into a specific category or genre...


(for me at least) it is obvious where you can jump - this kind of thing has been done a lot before. I would've appreciated more if you had created something more from the mechanic - or given the player choices to either go through or not. For me, that's a key part of a puzzle - whether to do something or not.
I feel like the agd element is puzzlish. Trying to figure out where to jump and land to not get trapped.
but it's lagging for me right now.. nice run.
Pure action map, with a few jumps thrown in. As an action map it is pretty stylish and fun, but I don't see how one would see it as a puzzle.

442 frames

on NReality...
fuck! this always happens to me...
better run in userlevels and worse runs in NReality,,
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being called a "dda expert", i feel really proud.. :)
but the truth is I find myself nowhere around giants like Clifty , or trance (aka 1211) or bugz (aka Wizard2) gotta really watch Clifty's maps like: Doors V [] or On Route 666 [] or Firecracker []
He's really good at ddas, I hope to be a great as him someday.


not again.. and my 463 run didn't paste either XD

here it is

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even faster....

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at any rate

here's a faster speedrun ;)
But I'll do it here
to submit your speedruns/highscores.

It's really easy, just go into userlevels, paste in the map ID from the url (for this map it's 230408), load the map and play like normal. you can then control + click your score to submit it!


Mohit got a faster time! (I believe you, don't worry ;)
here's a faster speedrun/NGD

(It's on NReality, too - you should try using it ;) hehe)
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epic map


boring death demo
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faster than me

MOHIT YOU CHEATER. quit fbf'ing!

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speedrun & NGD :P

cool entry...can surely win :)
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still NGD, still not fbf'ing
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still not fbf'ing
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No, I'm not fbf'ing.
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still NGD
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700-frame NGD

And then eddy comes and beats it by 200 frames..
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