The Highest Bidder

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Author DaggaFork
Tags author:daggafork difficult playable rated
Created 2013-09-03
Last Modified 2013-09-03
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description There is more to this map than
what you see
you play it.

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So unless you want to review the winning map, you can't have it. :p

lol this is so hot.


Fastest and on NReality. Great map.
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haha this has gotten a hand full of comments, thanks all!

First attempt

...and the only demo on NReality so far. What's up with that?

This is a cool map.
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Walking over that mine carpet sounds cool.


reminded me of some old minejumpers i used to chug out. nice technical jumps and all

great atmosphere

loved the environment and solidity of the gameplay. 5


Nice! Doesn't deserve a rating of 3/5.
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good job
liking the three switches a lot haha, and approving of the attention to detail to continue the form of the tiles by adding two extraneous switches.

In regards to the left path being easier and shorter than right, I agree. Gold could have been added on the right path, especially in away that continues from the gold above.

Solid map overall though. Enjoyed it. Start felt a bit tricky compared to the rest of the map though (or at least one of the most difficult points, which goes against a usual difficulty curve - not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case yes)

1. 3 switches don't look too nice
2. Too bad the longer path (right) is harder. Should be the other way. ;x


Atleast I got the switch(es)..
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I'm an idiot.
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I got a ship. That makes you the highest bidder.


I liked this!
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