15-4: Think First

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Author macrohenry
Tags author:macrohenry doors drones medium-hard-ish puzzle series unrated
Created 2013-11-14
Last Modified 2013-11-14
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Drone puzzle. Go for the gold!

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They do seem to enjoy it huh? Maybe this time our map will have enough of the "theme" in it! I really hope so!

Very very tricky map, I used this concept once too - but executed it only a fourth as well! Excellent map! I really enjoyed watching your demo, especially the AGD. Anyways, I shot you message on the forums ;) Check it out!


No demo, can't compete with you at all of course
I am still figuring it out...
meanwhile 4aved.
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Managed to beat the drone at the end.
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sub-1200 possible? idk.
Btw, your all recent maps have been too awesome..
I think I gotta have a run at all of your other maps.
For making it easy, can you comment here [] the links of all your cool maps... :)
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Please try to find the solution yourself before you watch this demo.
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