wouldn't it be nice

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset race rated
Created 2013-11-29
Last Modified 2013-11-29
by 23 people.
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Description if we were older

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Holy shit this is good. Damn.


Going back on the thwump pooped on my face a few too many times. 6/5
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Also this: XD

Faster AGD

I played this for a couple of days until I got this decent and clean run to me. I don't know if I use the intended route, but at least is the one I made and enjoy. I really dig this one Sunset, running over and over to finally get a nice run. I don't see it as a race at all, if not more a really flow'ish action hybrid, race'ish, anyway, it is super cool. Elements were nice and each different section was fun and challenging independently, but all connected perfectly. Well done!
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to beat this
soo good


with a slight goof on the climb to the exit switch, which was my bad. the map flows really well. i didn't expect it from the thumb but was pleasantly surprised.
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Chances are I'm going to make Featured maps happen once a week.
I am a wizard.

holy crap

5/5 by 13 people...

I just noticed this.

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youre being ignored

how to race

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