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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags author:fingersonthefrets kindacollab nphasis unrated
Created 2013-12-20
Last Modified 2013-12-20
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Description Using Nphasis' tiles []

Beware of the bottom left gold, it's trickier than it looks.

EDIT: made the speed run harder with the addition of a mine

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Sorry for the slow reply, been quite busy. But here is a start to a tileset.
Link []

sub-200 speedrun

nice map!!
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Got it!

3.5 up. This is fun, but I think the right gauss was unneeded, especially since it can tag-team you with the center one in certain areas. Drones are wonderful.
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Those mines in the bottom-right are brutal.

Gonna try for a completion. This is the closest I got so far.
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But I can't play it just yet. I'll coment again later.

bit faster

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here's an AGD

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