Box of Rain

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Author DemonzLunchBreak
Tags action author:demonzlunchbreak gauss playable rockets steve unrated
Created 2014-02-02
Last Modified 2014-02-03
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Look out of any window

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Thank you for the praise, guys. I feel like I've hit a good stride with my mapping lately. And good runs, fingers :)


The grateful dead are one of my favorite bands, period.

Also took fotf's advice. The mine wall is gone.

Grateful Dead?

Cool map, demo coming up later :)

yep, faster

sub-1000 is probably possible, but not by me haha
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personally, I'd ditch the mine wall up the top. The jump down the left is still the faster option, so daring players will still go for that, the option is still given to take the long dull route round for a safe (though maybe less satisfying) finish, and visually it'd look great floating rather than being connected to the sides by that wall.
Might try and beat this
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good fun! tricky, but enjoyable. Loved the one way jump on the bottom left in particular. Might steal that in the future. I'll try for speed
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i've always wanted to make but never could out of over-indulgence in my style

5 fave


I felt like the looping around worked ok.

Long level man, but really entertaining and fun to play! I did not get bored of it! My speed run is over 1300 frames haha, so I won't post it