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Author Losttortuga
Tags action author:losttortuga featured plablyae rated
Created 2014-02-10
Last Modified 2014-02-10
by 12 people.
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This map was featured on 2015-01-18

He'd stared too long at the letters. He knew their whacked symmetry down to the last curve, squat turns and bends that burned a slow-motion hole in his eyes. Looking directly at them caused a swirl; his eyes were the water, the shapes the oil. Not a hurt, no pain. A subtle bending, a changing of colors. With haste he collected each chunk of gold. Reaching for the last peice his vision swam, blurred. Gently, very gently, the glamer of light peeled back the sunshine yellow and revealed the killer crimson of the high-density bomb in his hands. — PALEMOON

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unique map

cool review

Different route.

A well-placed cornerjump might make this a viable agd route.

PS, this is great, and the review is primo.
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different ending to macrohenry, but it doesn't seem much faster, if at all.
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Oh yeah, this is a stylish map.
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still thinking

Hey! top map..

big trick jumps are good in a short map.. I think its clever how both the vertical tunnels have a purpose. Its kind of cool to see a contrast with the simple tile work and the elaborate mines, but more complex tiles like Fingersonthefrets mentions would probably also look awesome.
PS. It was funny to see you convert this map into a reply for me on Nv2, I just couldn't get to the exit


this map is delicious

improvable speedrun

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Still a few mistakes, including more chimney problems, but I went under 1015.
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this would be faster than frets. Nice map, I enjoyed the jumps.
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this looks great. Visually I would have liked either a more intricate tileset or a similar tileset with much less void so it would emphasise and ground the mine pattern. But it still looks nice, and plays well. The mines are really lovely. I like the bottom left ones a lot especially - I've seen that done before as a repeated motif in a map (and not particularly liked it), but as a stand alone accent amongst the rest of the mines its got a lot more style. Jumps are fairly cool too, though I struggled a bit more than i should of with that 4 tile jump to get to the top left. yep.
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