Asante Kotoko

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Author sekou-fofana
Tags action author:sekou-fofana featured rated
Created 2014-02-24
Last Modified 2014-02-24
by 20 people.
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Description The antennas are your clues

This map was featured on 2014-12-09

The time is 4 A.M. Drones everywhere stop their ceaseless wanderings and hang ten. Are they recharging their batteries? Sleeping? Torrenting porn? Who knows! All that really matters is that their guard is down and there's gold and switches ripe for the taking. One might ask, "But why is this map named after a West African soccer team?" and the answer for that question is probably cuz this map is BALLIN'. — PALEMOON


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play this like it's the doctor who episode where the enemies only move while you're blinking and then they move reallyfast

I like the review.

Also, I meant no offence to you PALE, on your last featured map. I hope you don't have hard feelings for me. :)
probably not
but whatevs


would you not say that D.C United is a North American soccer team?

it's ghanaian

west africa is not a country xo

lol ska but im joking
im always joking :::======))))

this review is BALLIN'.

Cool map!

I love this map


inb4 drama


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i like the aesthetics going on here. it's good to see the return of the NaN'd drone.
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